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Family Mediation

Mediation is an ADR process where a neutral third party assists clients to more effectively communicate in order to reach mutually satisfying agreements.


A Parenting Plan is a document that lists how parents will raise ...

Child Support Calculations

Children must be financially supported by their parents. Child support is designed ...


We live in times where Adoptions are open and no longer closed...

About Me

My name is Jennifer Barkin. I am an Accredited Family Mediator (OAFM), Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA ®), a registered MSW Social Worker (OCSWSSW), a trained Parenting Coordinator, and a Certified Divorce Coach (CDC). My goals are to save clients time, money, and to minimize their stress. I understand complex situations from multiple perspectives and my communication skills can assist parties in amicably crafting their solutions. I provide a safe and comfortable environment where each person’s voice is heard allowing for the outcome of mutually beneficial agreements…

Family Matters Resolutions

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