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Benefits of Mediation

Benefits of Family Mediation

Mediation is a “win-win” process instead of a “win-lose” situation . It is cooperative rather than adversarial. In the traditional practice of Family Law, each party retains a lawyer who argues their client’s case making the process adversarial in nature. In Mediation, both parties work together to come up with agreements that are mutually satisfactory. Mediation has a high rate of success. Even when other methods have failed, the statistics show that over 80% of mediations result in agreements. Mediated agreements are adhered to. People follow agreements that they create much more frequently than they follow decisions that were forced upon them.

Mediation Can Enhance Communication

Mediation can prevent further disputes from occurring and it can enhance communication between parties. In many cases, parties come out of mediation sessions with the ability to communicate more effectively. This is especially beneficial when there are children to co-parent moving forward as conflict is reduced: The current research supports the fact that mediation is beneficial for children: “Children who are exposed to more intense conflict between parents are more likely to suffer harm resulting from their parents’ divorce. The lower the level of conflict between parents, the more likely those children will emerge emotionally whole.”

Andrew I. Schepard, Children, Courts, and Custody: Interdisciplinary Models for Divorcing Families. New York: Cambridge University Press (2004). p. 31.

Mediations can happen fast. Mediations can be scheduled quickly and most cases do not require a large time commitment. Mediations can be scheduled during non-business hours. In order to meet the needs of working people and busy parents, mediations can be arranged to take place in the evenings and on weekends. Our mediations are closed mediations. This means that what you share and discuss will remain private. In contrast, Family Law cases that are settled in court become public knowledge. Cost Effective. Mediation is a cost effective way of getting to resolution that saves families thousands and thousands of dollars in contrast to a litigated dispute. In this way, mediation helps parties to maintain their financial security. Money is necessary. We all need it to provide for ourselves and for our children. Mediation in comparison to lawyer led negotiations ensures that you can save your money for what is most important to you moving forward.