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Benefits of Parenting Coordination

Benefits of Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordinators are third party neutrals that listen to both parents and help them come to decisions. The purpose of the Parenting Coordination process is to prevent conflicts from escalating to a point where they need to be litigated. The process of Parenting Coordination can be advantageous for families as it is effective, it can be implemented on a timely basis, and it is a cost efficient resolution process in comparison to returning to court time and time again.

Parenting Coordination can also be helpful to parents who are learning to co-parent effectively following their divorce or separation. Typically, this is a period of time where there has been an abundance of change within the family unit which often results in the escalation of parental conflict. The role of the parenting coordinator is to help parents successfully navigate their new life changes and to adhere to their parenting plans.
Children can benefit from Parenting Coordination as well as Parenting Coordination can lessen parents stress levels. This in turn allots for more calm and more peace in their individual homes. Just as importantly; children who witness parents learning to communicate effectively, gain communication skills themselves. They see that people can disagree; have differences in their opinions, but can still maintain the ability to engage with one another respectively.